In the Innovation Zone

Now that summer is in full force throughout much of the country, in addition to the usual irritants – sunburn and houseguests who overstay their welcome – here come the mosquitoes!

And along with the pesky insects comes the advertising for the repellents – all types of sprays, oils and candles that are purported to keep the little buzzers away. One unique solution appears to be the new Off! Clip-On . clipOnThe product has a small, battery-powered fan that disperses the repellent to create a “personal zone of protection.” The product must be connecting with consumers; AdAge reports sales have exceeded projections by 400%, and many retailers are experiencing out of stocks.

What I find compelling about this product is how the manufacturer, SC Johnson has effectively leveraged technology drawn from their other brands. SC Johnson is also the maker of Glade, with a plethora of products designed to keep your house smelling fresh (or at least not stinky!). Note that the technology behind the Plugins Scented Oil Fan is very similar to that used on the new Off! Clip On. What an excellent example of amortizing the costs and benefits of innovation across two disparate product categories.

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