Living in a Barbie World?

barbie1-(2)Barbie is celebrating her 50th birthday in style – Universal Pictures has just signed the iconic doll for her first live-action film. Barbie is a superstar property:

According to Mattel…Barbie has 99% worldwide brand awareness, is the number one girls property in the toy industry, the top doll property in the U.S. and the number one worldwide property in the traditional toy industry.

With those kind of attributes, plus 75 million units of animated videos sold worldwide, we can understand why we’ll be seeing “Barbie: The Movie” in a multiplex one day soon. And after a summer filled with blockbusters based comic book/graphic novel heroes like “Watchmen” and cartoons like “Transformers”, licensing popular toys for future film projects is the newest big thing.

However, unlike comic book or TV show characters which have a rich back-story, some of the announced projects are based on toys or games which have been driven mostly by the participants’ own imaginations. What shape will the planned “Battleship”, “Legos” and “Candyland” movies take? What can we expect from the rumored “Viewmaster” film?

Will film makers be able to capture the imagination and excitement of the new adventures created by children (and adults) each time they played these games? Coming to a multiplex near you!

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  1. I wonder which audience the proposed “Barbie” movie is going to appeal to – young girls who are currently playing with Barbie dolls OR their mothers/aunts who may have a more distant relationship with Barbie?

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