The New Singles – Take 2

It looks like we’re not the only ones thinking that marketers are missing the boat by not considering New Singles in their marketing strategies.

A recent story on NPR’s Marketplace highlighted the general lack of advertising and marketing targeted to single women. A few exceptions got our attention – Lowe’s current TV spot focuses on a single woman (no kids or man in sight) with a home improvement project list. Given that a large part of the growth in home ownership in the past decade has been driven by single women, Lowe’s appears to be on the right track.

More Magazine – targeted to the vital 40+ woman, ran a cover story in their April 2010 issue entitled “Loving La Vida Solo“. The title alone serves to reinforce the thinking behind the New Singles segment:

“…coming to discover that happiness – a full life, a full heart – can be theirs with or without a partner.”

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